Hip-hop has always been viewed as a voice for the unheard and unspoken for since its humblest beginnings, but has also been a form of education to its practitioners and listeners.

Many of these teachings may have been cultural or formal, but one aspect of the music that has proved to be invaluable is the wisdom spat by rappers that have helped to enrich the lives of those without parental guidance or positive role models in their life.

Throughout its history, rap has been wrongfully vilified as promoting, exploiting and showcasing the worst that society has to offer, while many of those same critics turn a blind eye to the positivity that hip-hop can instill in people's lives. But hip-hop artists have long been active in the lives of children in the community, and their own kids as well, making them all the more relatable.

In celebration of rappers who were not ashamed to promote being family men in the public eye and brought their kids along for the ride, The Boombox puts the spotlight on 9 rap kids who have grown up right before our eyes.

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