When Kanye West recently suggested that every aspiring artist could at least grab a camera and shoot a viral video, he forgot to mention that you still need to have your permits in order first. New Orleans rapper B.G. learned this hard way. He has been hit with a $150,000 lawsuit from his neighbors for apparently shooting part of a video on their property without permission.

The video, for a recent track entitled 'My Hood,' was partially shot on the property of Plaintiffs Shyrl and John Bagneris. According to their legal claims, the couple sent a cease and desist order to B.G. and he completely ignored the letter by shooting without proper city permits. B.G. is charged with trespassing on the property with a film crew of over 40 people in addition to a commercial lighting rig and other "heavy duty equipment."

"The Plaintiffs are upstanding individuals in their community who do not wish to be associated with rap music, B.G., Chipper City Records and other defendants associated with the music video 'My Hood,'" said their lawyer in a statement. B.G. and Chopper City Records have yet to release a statement on the matter.

This lawsuit comes in a long line of legal trouble for B.G. He pled guilty to a DUI in 2009 and received two years of probation before getting arrested on a gun charge when pulled over in New Orleans last November. In February 2010, B.G. pled not guilty to those charges. The case is still pending.

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