The "Bling Bling" rapper, born Christopher Dorsey, received his sentencing in a New Orleans court by U.S. District Judge Helen Berrigan, after pleading guilty to the crimes to the back in December of 2011.

B.G. already a three-time felon, was arrested in 2009, when police discovered three handguns, several loaded magazines, extended clips and drugs inside his Chevy Tahoe, after a routine traffic stop. The former Lil Wayne associate allegedly then conspired to convince fellow passenger, Demounde Pollard, then 17, to sign an affidavit claiming possession of the gun. The arrest was B.G.'s fourth of the year.

"I know what comes behind what I do," B.G. explained to MTV, back in 2009. "I know the consequences and repercussions of what comes behind it. Where I'm from, it's just like, that first draw is a muthafucka, the bullets raining out the sky. It's like that for real. It's a murder capital. They dropping like flies. I stay in the suburbs. All my neighbors are white and football players and doctors and dentists."

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