While on a promotional blitz for her new book, 'All That Is Bitter, and Sweet,' Ashley Judd has been causing quite an uproar in the hip-hop community for blasting the genre's music. After coming under fire for her words, now the actress is explaining exactly what she meant.

Judd "frantically" called Russell Simmons to release a statement via his Global Grind website, and revealed that although her words were electrifying, her goal was to be more helpful than hindering.

"My intention was to support artists to know that they have so much power," she said. "That they make incredible life changing impressions, particularly on the young. And we have choices everyday with our expressions, either empower and celebrate people or to re-enforce inequality and degradation."

She also said that her words were taken out of context.

"There are elements, and that is the part that has been so distorted -- what I'm being accused of is condemning rap and hip-hop as a whole, and the whole community and when they say community, they mean the fans, and African-Americans, it's become so generalized," Judd wrote.

"My intention was to take a stand to say the elements of that musical expression that are misogynistic and treat girls and women in a hyper-sexualized way that are inappropriate. That is not acceptable in any artistic expression, in any cultural form, whether its country music or in television story lines. And if they read more than one paragraph in the book, they would see that all four hundred pages are about that."

As previously reported, the 42-year-old questioned the non-profit organization YouthAIDS decision to add Diddy and Snoop Dogg to their list of celebrity supporters. Judd wrote off hip-hop music as "rape music," and blasted the organization for their choices. Her words elicited a heated response from Roots drummer Questlove, who expressed his disappoint in Judd's generalizations.

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