Ashanti's artistry still comes into question despite having five albums and more than 10 years of experience in the music business. Yes, there are people out there who still don't realize she has an impressive set of pipes. Call them disconnected, haters or just plain oblivious. They'll learn soon enough.

The songstress chooses to quell the negativity by doing what she does best: sing. For her Off the Record performance, the 33-year-old chooses the soulful ode 'Sweet Thing' by fellow R&B queen Chaka Khan. Ashanti's decision to cover the 1975 classic is to "prove them wrong." Taking on the task of singing a legend's song is no easy feat, yet the 'Braveheart' creator never falters as she puts her own delicate spin on the tune.

"I love Chaka Khan. That she is a female in this industry that is so respected and extremely talented and so relevant today," Ashanti tells The Boombox. "That's crazy. It's been decades. She's been through generations. My sister, myself and my mom could listen to Chaka. I admire that. She's gone through ups and downs. It shows again, just being brave and getting through your obstacles will allow you to continue to progress and prosper."

Experience Ashanti's tribute to the legendary entertainer above.

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