Don't mistake Ashanti's confidence for cockiness. "I ain't saying that I'm bragging, babe / I just like to celebrate my accolades," she sings on 'I Got It,' a song featured on her fifth studio album, 'Braveheart.' The New York native's storied career has earned her chart-topping hits, appearances in films and on television and a plethora of awards and nominations. Celebrating her triumphs is warranted.

The singer, dressed in all-black, shares her refreshing vocals with a live version of the song for The Boombox's Off the Record series. While Rick Ross appears on the track, Ashanti shines solo. She throws a playful smile here, and sways her hips to the beat there. Whether it's performing for 200 people or two, her performance is dynamic. "I love being in an intimate setting. I feel like it's more personable. It's more organic," Ashanti tells The Boombox.

"I remember being in a studio with my band and we just started vibing on 'Rain on Me' and I kind of just went into this whole freestyle and kind of put that in the show now. It just came from everyone just playing, the track was over, and the band just continued to play and I was just up there vibing. Those kind of things come from being organic and comfortable I think that calls for a better experience. If there's 200 people in a room versus 100,000, it's different energy."

Get energized with Ashanti as she performs 'I Got It' above.

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