Troy Ave has ignited a onslaught of hate after releasing his Joey Bada$$ diss song “Bad Ass.” Although Joey and his Pro Era crew haven’t really responded to Troy Ave’s track, fellow rap crew A$AP Mob went in on the BSB Records honcho via Twitter.

On “Bad Ass,” Troy Ave takes aim at Joey and his late friend Capital STEEZ. “STEEZ burning in hell, my burner’s in my belt / I’m really killing s---, you n----s killing yourself / F---ing weirdos, off the roof, Steer clear yo!”

For those who don’t know, STEEZ committed suicide in 2012. His death affected the Pro Era family very deeply, so Troy's line will not sit well with them.

During an interview on Sway in the Morning, the “All About the Money” rapper was unapologetic regarding his remarks about Joey and called STEEZ a “bozo” and a d---head" for taking his own life.

“He [Joey Bada$$] opened Pandora’s Box by bringing his other boy Kirk Knight into this,” he said. "This is real versus fake."

"There's no rules in beef. I don't start with nobody but I'll finished it," he adds.

In series of tweets, A$AP Mob members A$AP Twelvvy and A$AP Addie didn't like Troy Ave's diss song and delivered some vicious slander and threats to him and his manager Hovain.

"Troy Average just need to die already," tweeted A$AP Addie with Twelvyy adding, "F--- him and who ever love EM."

Can we all just get along? Check out the heated tweets below.

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