Actor Anthony Anderson is currently featured in one of the most successful horror film franchises of all time, and he wants to spread the wealth. The gregarious talent stars in the recently released Wes Craven horror flick 'Scream 4,' and says he has the perfect person to appear in the next high profile scary movie: gangsta rap icon, director and actor Ice Cube.

"I would love to see Cube in a horror flick," says Anderson of the legendary former member of N.W.A., who after a successful solo career went on to become a major Hollywood player, starring in the landmark films 'Boyz n the Hood' and 'Friday,' as well as producing such crossover projects 'Are We There Yet' and its TBS television spin-off.

"I think it would be interesting to see him come out of that tough-guy persona," the 40-year-old actor states. "He's great to work with and Cube has that West Coast swag. And he has that attitude. I would love to see how he would handle being chased by one of those crazy killers in a scene."

Of course, Cube wouldn't be the first hip-hop star to appear in a horror film. Everyone from LL Cool J ('Halloween H20: 20 Years Later') and Snoop Dogg ('Bones') to Ice T ('Leprechaun in the Hood') and Redman ('Child's Play 5: Seed of Chucky') has been featured in scary flicks. "But could you imagine Ice Cube running for his life?" muses Anderson, laughing at the thought. "That would be something to see. I would tell anyone to go work with Wes Craven, who is an icon. Shooting 'Scream 4' was a lot of fun."

Anderson, who appeared in the aforementioned Ice Cube vehicle 'Barbershop,' is no stranger to hip-hop. He was featured in the critically-acclaimed 2005 southern rap-centered independent drama 'Hustle & Flow' and was a presenter at 2009's VH1's Hip-Hop Honors. Although he has made waves as both a comedic and dramatic thespian, Anderson says he remains a huge rap fan.

"My favorite rapper out today is Kanye West," he explains. "I respect his honesty. He's so unapologetic. How can you not be a fan of his music? I'm also a fan of Jay-Z, Biggie and 2Pac. I'm a West Coast boy, but I like East Coast artists. And as far as the new artists, I like Wale. He's got a cool style about him."

'Scream 4' was released to theaters this past weekend and grossed $20 million. Next up for Anderson? The Steve Martin and Jack Black comedy 'The Big Year,' due out later this year. "For a lot of actors, it's really hard to do both comedy and drama," Anderson says. "Very seldom do you see dramatic actors flip it to comedy. But you see comedians go into drama all the time, from Robin Williams and Jamie Foxx to Tom Hanks. I don't want to be boxed in."

Watch Ice Cube's 'I Rep That West'
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