Grammy-nominated singer Amerie has officially changed her name. The '1 Thing' singer took to Twitter to announce she was changing her name to "Ameriie," and subsequently her Twitter profile name to "@ItsAmeriie."

Ameriie reportedly said that she added the extra "I" to her name to "reflect positive energy." She has also been in the studio recently, working on her upcoming album, 'Cymatika Vol. 1,' a word derived from "cymatics" -- the study of visible sound and vibration. The first single from the album, entitled 'Who's Gonna Love You,' was released back in May. As for the sound of her new album, Ameriie said, "I'm still in the studio right now, so the best thing I can say is it's a very international, worldly sound."

Along with the new name, Ameriie has also revealed that she will wed her manager, Lenny Nicholson, and the two are planning to get married in 2011.

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