Ameriie hasn't released an album in nearly six years, but continues to be beloved by fans due in large part to her early 2000s classics "Talking to Me" and her influential Rich Harrison-produced hit, "1Thing." Well, after a few false starts over the years, the singer back with a new single, "Out Loud," which also serves as her reunion with Harrison.

"Let me clarify, pretending my heart ain't racing as you and I separated / Tonight is just my time to get it, I'ma ride it, drive it 'til the flames get low," she belts out at the song's start. Ameriie seems to have not lost a step and sounds fully in sync with the beat. Dominated by jittery snares and kicks, the track is lively and more tailor-made for the club and lounge setting, as you may be enticed to get your two-step on with this selection playing in the vicinity.

From the lyrics to the hook, in which she promises to "Live out loud tonight," this comeback release proves that Ameriie is ready to make a grand return to the game.

Listen to Ameriie's "Out Loud"

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