Amber Rose hit up Hot 97 to talk about her new talk show, her old marriage, and whether or not she and ex-hubby Wiz Khalifa hit the strip club to celebrate their divorce. She's doing big things and Rose is understandably excited about her show.

"It was supposed to air [June 17] but we pushed it back to July 8," Amber says. And she gave props to Dr. Phil for giving her the room to do her own thing with her show.

"Dr. Phil has a lot of faith in me," she explained. "He knows my movement. I didn't come this far just being regular. He trusts me."

And she has more going on--Amber is taking an uber-popular radio show.

"I just took over Loveline!" she revealed. "I have my dear friend Dr. Chris Donahue with me."

Amber's career has certainly evolved and grown in the wake of her highly-publicized marriage and subsequent divorce from Wiz Khalifa. But she clarified a popular story that hit the Web last week. She says that contrary to reports, she and Wiz didn't "celebrate their divorce" with a trip to the strip club.

"We signed our divorce papers five months prior to that day," she shared. "That day--we mourned it, cried, it was a lot. It took that long to go through the court system."

So there was no celebration of the divorce. They did however, hit the strip club.

"He came, picked me up in the lowrider and it was a nice little date," she said. "Me and Bash's dad. That's my best friend. I love him to death. We just can't be married."

Rosenberg asked Amber if she regrets anything regarding her marriage and it's affect on her career.

"If you had to choose to do it all over again, would you give up the spot you're in just to have had a happy marriage with Wiz?" Rosenberg asked.

"I really glowed up and became a for sure businesswoman," she replied, while admitting that she didn't think she could have achieved so much while being married. "Because when you're in a relationship with another famous person, you kinda feel obligation to not live up to your fullest potential because you worry about what people will say about them, as well. He's talking about f---in' bitches and hoes and I'm talking about feminism and slut walk and the two things don't coincide with each other."

But believes things happened the way they were supposed to.

"I can't say that because I feel like God does everything for a reason," she says. "We are both more successful not being married because we don't have to worry about each other's feelings."

And she was quick to praise Wiz as a dad.

"Wiz is literally the best father i could ever fucking have for my son. He's just that dude and he's amazing. He's just, like, awesome and just a trailblazer. I just want to shout-out Fetty Wap for Wiz Khalifa's song. Because Wiz has started so many trends and so many people took his s--- without giving him credit."

And after later revealing that she does look forward to settling down and having more kids, she says that she's let Wiz know that she's down for more adding more to their little Taylor Gang, if all else fails.

"I tell Wiz all the time--please freeze your sperm for me," she joked.

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