Amber Rose will be joining the talk show circuit and we couldn't be more excited. Muva Rosebud's as-of-yet-untitled weekly show will debut this summer on VH1 and feature Amb alongside her celebrity friends.

Described as "provocative", Amb's show will touch on topics including pop culture, motherhood, relationships, friendships, race and entrepreneurship. Will you be watching? We will.

Here are 10 reasons why Amber Rose's talk show is a must-see.

  • 10

    Her show's produced by Dr. Phil


    Interestingly enough, Dr. Phil and his son Jay McGraw's Stage 29 Productions are helming Amb's show. It should be interesting to see how the good doctor's influence will affect the formatting. Will Amber have a show like his or will it be vastly different?

  • 9

    Her guests will be interesting


    With Amber Rose comes her celeb friends including her bestie Blac Chyna, baby's father Wiz Khalifa and a bevy of others. Who wouldn't want to chat on daytime TV with Muva?

  • 8

    Her Audience Will Be Interesting


    Amber Rose's audience is sure to be filled with her die-hard fans a.k.a. "Rosebuds." The eclectic bunch will surely bring flare to the show and we can't wait to see how Amber plans to incorporate them.

  • 7

    Think About The Possible Segments


    A key to a good talk show is interesting segments and with a host like Amber Rose the possibilities are endless. If Amb can put together segments based on her own interests (twerking, anti-slut shaming) we're surely be entertained.

  • 6

    If She Has A Celebrity Beef She Can Address It


    Remember when Amber got into that nasty Twitter beef with Khloe Kardashian over Kylie Jenner? If Amb were on TV then we all would've tuned in to see how she truly felt about Khloe on-air.

  • 5

    We might get to meet Bash

    Although we've seen snippets of him on her social media, Amber might give the world a real introduction to her adorable son, Bash--much like Kris Jenner did with North West.

  • 4

    Imagine her possible co-hosts


    On days when Amber feels like having some company onstage she can bring along one of her buddies--like Blac Chyna or Rosa Acosta.

  • 3

    She doesn't take herself too seriously

    While some celebs seem stiff, Amber Rose has managed to maintain an image of an approachable, down-to-earth star--who we actually wouldn't mind being friends with. We're sure we'll be able to relate to her on-air.

  • 2

    It's something fresh and new


    Being that Amber Rose's talk show will be on VH1, it's sure to stand out among the bevy of similarly-themed daytime talk shows like The View and The Real. Amb's VH1 affiliation likely means sit-downs with your favorite (bad-behaving) reality stars, exclusive details on their lives and show recaps.

  • 1

    She always speaks her mind


    Even before Amber acquired a show, she's been known to be open and honest with her opinions.

    With someone so outspoken at the helm, who's passionate about feminism, anti-slut shaming and freedom of expression, the show's sure to be a hot topic of conversation.


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