The Alchemist has just graced us with three new songs to promote the release of his limited line of SSUR snapbacks.

Track one, 'Camp Registration,' features Alchemist and Evidence (as the Step Brothers), Action Bronson, Blu, and Domo Genesis on the rhymes. Each rapper trades verses in revolving door fashion, with no hook in between. Meanwhile, the vocal-driven soul sample from from Alchemist switches up two minutes in, with the second instrumental co-produced by Alchemist and Bombay.

The second track, '1010 Wins,' features Domo, Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Roc Marciano, and Despot. Once again, the song eschews the verse-hook-verse format of a traditional hip-hop record and features a cypher-esque trading of verses. The contrast of distinct lyrical styles works to perfection, from Meyhem's wordy, breathless flow to Roc's spaced out precision. The beat has a vintage boom-bap feel, driven by straight drums and bassline, perfect for all of New York City's finest assembled on it.

The final track is called 'Tesla,' and it features Domo Genesis, Freddie Gibbs, and Hodgy Beats. The two Odd Future brethren certainly hold their own on the track, but Gangsta Gibbs' second verse stands out above the rest. His staccato flow and gritty street tales sound perfect over Alchemist's loop of piano keys and horns.

The three songs come out to coincide with the release of Alchemist's SSUR starter snapback line. The hats, which come only in black, are being sold for $40 each.