Ab-Soul is still throwing shots at Jay Electronica on his new project which dropped today, Do What Thou Wilt.

The TDE rapper gets to it early, on the first track of the release, "Raw (backwards)." Fans have actually heard the verse before, as Ab previewed the lyrics at the STEEZ Day Festival back in July. Ab is targeting Jay over something shady the New Orleans rapper said about Kendrick Lamar (Ab's TDE labelmate) in an interview back in February.

"Kendrick is my son, Kendrick is my baby, Kendrick wishes he could be me," Jay said.

Of course, that claim didn't go over well, and Ab responded directly, although Jay later apologized in a now deleted tweet, asking for Kendrick and TDE to "forgive [his] past transgressions."

Forgiveness clearly isn't on Ab's plate though, and he makes it obvious on his album opener.

"I was like a swami of Jay Electronica until he/Figured Dizzle wouldn't admit that he would body him for a milli/I told Kenny keep quiet, I'ma get him," he raps. "We don't need dirt on your hands getting the key to the city ya feel me/Hurts when your OG, who is supposed to be a G-O-D/Is standing next to King Kunta feeling like Toby/Moos what I gotta do boy?/I'm just waiting on your cue to take him to school boy."

Ab's album is available as of today (Dec. 9). You can stream it below.



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