There will be no G-Unit reunion for 50 Cent and Game. The Queens-bred MC told us so last week, in an exclusive interview at his label offices in New York City.

"You're not gonna get nothing back together," 50 said. "I decide that. I do what I want to do. I don't give a fuck what they talking about on a blog post."

Despite Game's online petition to reunite the crew, Fif dismissed the West Coast rapper's efforts as nothing more than a publicity stunt.

"Every time there was nothing going on [Game] said "Fuck you, 50," to generate some sort of new interest," he explained. But now that doesn't work anymore. So you gotta figure out a new way to do it. And now it's saying, 'We'll get G-Unit back together!'"

According to 50, some relationships are beyond repair, and it's deeper than music. It's not just the artists who have to deal with their old beefs, but the people around them -- their street alliances -- that have to as well.

"If it worked it would be something cool that I did," he said. [But] what would you say if I actually did put it together and then it fell apart right in front of you? Or if I bring them around each other and their feelings from a long time -- the disrespect and the talking -- bleed over into the people that are just around them and then one of them gets shot and killed, or one of them gets stabbed and hurt bad. Then what?"

Fif explained that his success, money and accolades haven't changed who he is and where he comes from. And that's why he's steering clear of getting the group back together.

"I think people think because they see that I'm not stupid -- that I did acquire new information as I went -- that I'm not who I was when I got here," he said. "And what happens is, when you put them [together]... you don't do that where I'm from. Not unless you want to see some shit happen."