MTV has released a clip from the forthcoming VH1 Rock Doc '50 Cent: The Origin of Me,' in which rapper 50 Cent discusses so-called "Mongolian slaves," and the significance of the Confederate flag. The VH1 special follows 50 as he travels to Edgefield, S.C., to meet relatives and investigate his ancestry, encountering some remaining vestiges of racism along the way.

In the clip, 50 discusses the "racial tone" of the Confederate flag with an elderly resident of the small town, who attempts to educate him on racism, referring to black "Mongolian slaves" whom she claims were brought over to North America in the late 18th century.

"People really do not understand what's going on at that period of time. Black citizens in this country really needs to study the history, because it's just as much the black ancestry as it is the white ancestry," the woman explains. "A lot of the slaves who were brought over here on the ships, they were captured in Africa or Mongolia, or wherever they came from."

50 Cent appears skeptical about her claims, raising an eyebrow over the alleged black Mongols. "She's offering her truth -- what she's accepted as the truth, based on information given to her, but I don't agree with it," the respected businessman explains. "I need to study my history? Mongolian Slaves in South Carolina?"

While there once was a feared tribe of warriors known as the Karaits, or "Black Mongols," who lived during the time of Genghis Khan, it is not likely that their descendants were brought to America as slaves.

airs Monday, May 23 at 9PM EST on VH1.

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