50 Cent moving into the independent artist lane is going to take a bit of getting used to, but he isn't leaving us waiting in the wings as to what his next step will be. He follows up the news that he parted ways with Interscope Records with the video for 'The Funeral,' and it's one of his best songs in a while.

At his peak, 50 Cent was known for his near-mythological background and excellent songwriting ability -- not so much for his storytelling ability. Fiddy the Storyteller is present here, as he fluently raps of a story about murder, a fight at the consequent funeral and a mother's heartbreaking, willful ignorance regarding her son's actions.

The words are vivid, and it's not just because of the accompanying Eif Revera-directed video, which visually portrays the events. G-Unit affiliate Tony Yayo also makes an appearance.

Before the events go down, the clip reveals that on March 18, fans can download two tracks from his new album, 'Animal Ambtion.' 50 Cent's first project as an independent artist arrives June 3.

On a related note, is it at all likely that 'Animal Ambition' will be a concept album? Let us know what you think in the comments below.