50 Cent returned to Power 105’s "The Breakfast Club" on Monday (March 31) and the conversation was anything but dull. The now independent rapper talked about his departure from Interscope, rap feuds, baby mama drama and his future in the rap game.

From the gate, Fif explained why he removed the controversial Instagram photo featuring Diddy, Steve Stoute and Rick Ross.

“I’m trying to change my image," he said of his bullying ways. "As far as Instagram is concerned, that’s not a person’s actual life. That’s a presentation."

On his sour relationship with ex-G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, 50 blames himself for the fallout.

“Some people, they’re like milk. They have expiration dates. No matter what you do, they’ll spoil after a while," he said about Yayo.

“In Banks’ case, I could be considered a little insensitive at some points ’cause I didn’t have those different things in my life," he continued. "When his fathered passed, he went home and he crossed his arms and was there until I came to get him. I had to go get the boy out his room to go shoot the video.”

Elsewhere, 50 took some shots at his rival Rick Ross. When asked about street credibility in hip-hop, the 'Many Men' rapper said it's doesn't exist. He cites Rozay's stint as a correction officer to now rapping about selling drugs as an example of why credibility is lost in the game. Oh, and he called Ross a slob.

“It ain’t the quality of his material because he’s a decent writer," he said. "His performance can’t be good. He’s fat, sloppy -- look at the guy. I didn’t see Biggie with his shirt off, running around doing what you see right there."

On his friendship with Eminem, 50 said the rap business wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for the Detroit rhyme-spitter.

“I don’t think our culture would’ve grown as fast as it did without Em," he said. "My being associated with him allowed the doors to open easy. I’m proud of him.”

50 talks about a myriad of things including the music business, Chief Keef, Diddy, Jay Z and more. Watch the entire 70-minute video interview above.