50 Cent isn't just memorizing lines while shooting scenes for his new movie, 'Setup,' he's also setting sights on some real estate. The G-Unit head honcho is looking for a place to call home in Grand Rapids, Mich.

"I've been looking," the rapper-turned-actor revealed in a recent interview. "I like Grand Rapids a lot. It's quiet enough for me to function."

Fif, born Curtis Jackson, has spent much of his time in the area as of late, considering he's shot four films there--the current 'Setup,' 'Caught in the Crossfire,' 'Gun' and 'Things Fall Apart--during the last 18 months.

The 'Before I Self Destruct' creator will likely stay in Michigan and continue producing movies now that he and production partner Randall Emmett secured a 10-picture, $200 million financing deal for their Cheetah Vision imprint.

Though 50 Cent is currently filming 'Setup,' he'll premiere 'Gun'--a crime thriller about weapons dealers starring the rapper and Val Kilmer--Dec. 15 at a local Grand Rapids cinema. The film is set for a straight-to-DVD release on Jan. 4.

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