Queens hip-hop mogul 50 Cent will be making a huge revelation in the upcoming VH1 Rock Doc '50 Cent: The Origin of Me,' which follows the rapper as he investigates his ancestry in Edgefield, S.C., where his family resided before migrating to New York City in the 1950s.

As 50 meets relatives and confronts the descendants of slave owners in the special, he also reveals a secret about his upbringing.

"It feels good for me to learn more about my actual history," 50 told an auditorium full of school children, which was filmed for the doc. "A lot of people don't know but I'm adopted. Yeah, my grandmother adopted me after my mother passed away. So she's like my legal guardian. My grandparents were from out here so the last time I was out here I was like six years old."

50, born Curtis Jackson, has been open about his rough upbringing in the past, revealing that his mother, a cocaine dealer, gave birth to him when she was 15, and raised him until her murder, when 50 was just 12, but he has never before discussed his adoption.

In another clip from the show, 50 also confronts an elderly Edgefield resident, with whom he discusses the racist symbolism of the Confederate flag, and the so-called black "Mongolian slaves" whom she claims populated the surrounding area.

"She's offering her truth -- what she's accepted as the truth, based on information given to her, but I don't agree with it," 50 explains.

'50 Cent: The Origin of Me' premieres on VH1 this Monday (May 23) at 9PM EST.

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