The battle between Young Heads and Old Heads continues as 50 Cent shares his thoughts on Lil Uzi Vert's latest fashion choices.

Yesterday, chaos erupted on the web as Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka shared a meme of Lil Uzi in a torn, striped $2400 shirt. Uzi appears on one side under the caption "Your Hip Hop" with Nas (in more subdued attire) under the caption "My Hip Hop." Flocka commented in ambiguous defense, implying that Lil Uzi's music is in fact "rock" and not "Hip Hop."

50 Cent has shared a decidedly firmer stance, stating on  Instagram,"This the new s---- ok, I don't think I'm a do this one. LOL." Tyrese Gibson added to this sentiment earlier, in a now deleted post, saying that he "can't identify" with today's hip-hop.

In other non-shirt related news, 50 is slotted to play an exclusive concert this coming Sunday night at Place du Palaise to celebrate soccer team AS Monaco's successful season. The fourth season of 50's hit show, Power, resumes June 25.


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