50 Cent assembled quite a team to help him promote his new Street King energy drink. The rapper recruited "Jersey Shore" star and aspiring rapper Pauly D, who is signed to his G-Note record label, and 78-year-old comedy legend Joan Rivers! Even funnier than the assemblage of the unlikely trio itself is the fact that Joan received a giant smooch from Fiddy on the set of the new commercial, as pictured above!

"I tried to put together the odd team, not the A-team," the G-Unit mogul told Access Hollywood. "It has a lot of different layers to it for something that has to happen in 30 seconds." The "odd team" gathered at Planet Fitness in Harlem on Tuesday (March 27) to shoot the ad, and Rivers hit the weights wearing "athletic-inspired diva wear" including a $75,000 chinchilla coat!

"The premise of the commercial is I have no energy, I drink the drink, and I'm ready for fun," the feisty "Fashion Police" host explained. Rivers even gave herself a nick name 34 Cent, in honor of her new friend.

It all sounds like good fun, but 50's new drink is not just about turning a profit as a part of his "Get Rich" motto. "When I developed the concept for this actual project, we thought about my experiences traveling in Africa," he explained. "And I wanted to do something 'cause of how bad famine does in Africa. So we partnered with United Nations World Food Program in order to provide a meal with every actual energy drink. So I'm excited about that."

Watch 50 Cent's 'I Get Money' Video

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