Whether he's launching ultra-luxury headphones or shoveling snow for extra money, 50 Cent sure knows how to make a buck outside of his already-lucrative career in music and entertainment. The Queens entrepreneur just announced his next investment is going to a company called TVGoods that specializes in selling products directly to consumers on networks such as HSN and QVC.

"I invested in TVG," tweeted 50 last Friday with an encouragement for others to invest. "If you can, [buy] stock in it. I don't care if it's only $500 ... You better get in now. I'm never saying this again. Watch how this company blows up."

TVGoods has already managed over 500 infomercial spots. Cornering the home shopping scene, the H&H Imports-owned direct retail agency has reportedly built up over $4 billion in revenue. Its most popular products, seemingly tailored for late-night delirium purchases, are the LiarCard, Aloe MED and the iHeater.

The company was founded by executive Kevin Harrington and is responsible for a large number of commercials, including the first infomercial with Wolfman Jack and one for the Medicus Golf Club. That said, our favorite TVGoods product remains the Hulk Hogan-affiliated 'PumMagic' cleaning fluid because it's totally hilarious.

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