For the past two years, 50 Cent has been trading barbs with actress Taraji Henson over their respective shows. While 50 is spearheading his drug-laden show on STARZ with Power, Taraji and Terrence Howard are pushing forward with Empire on FOX.

After watching 50 pummel Taraji and Vivica A. Fox on his Instagram over which show is better, Empire star, Jussie Smollett attempted to take on the G-Unit general.

"What I don't respect is how detrimental you don't even realize (or perhaps just don't care) you are," Smollett wrote on his Instagram. "Do you realize how petty it is that you are a crab in a barrel? Do you realize the stereotype of this slave mentality that you are only further perpetuating," he continued, also adding that with all of the black men and women dying at the hands of the police, the 50's comments are even more petty.

"You've never heard me disrespect a woman not once," Jussie wrote, also mentioning 50's comments about Empire being "too gay." "I hold up Taraji just as I hold up [Naturi Naughton]. So who is the real man? As men it's our job to protect our women."

Of course, with absolutely no regard for human life, 50 responded with a picture of Jussie kissing actor Rafael de La Fuente during a steamy scene from Empire.  "I can't hear you, tha f*ck you say PUNK!!!," 50 wrote in response.

Take a look at this long-winded beef and how 50 ignited the fire with his post last weekend before the finale of Power.

Jasmine Brand

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