50 Cent may seem untouchable in the eyes of his fans but a thief has managed to get close enough to the Queens rapper, resulting in him being a victim of credit card fraud.

According to the New York Daily News, 50's American Express number was lifted and used to make a series of unauthorized purchases in several cities close to his Farmington, Conn. home, dating back to 2007.

Suspicions were first raised last year, when an unidentified man called an electronics boutique in West Hartford, attempting to order two Sony flat-screen televisions using the 'Before I Self Destruct' creator's credit card number. Sensing that something was afoot, the store refused to deliver the TV's, but instead told the man that he could pick them up in person.

Though American Express did not report the card stolen, they reported that the order was not made by 50, and when two young men arrived in a rental car to pick up the flat-screens, the store called police, who arrested them on sight. A defense attorney for one of the arrested men said that he can't directly comment on the case, as it is still pending, but that he's been "in court at least three times" when 50's name "has popped up as a victim of credit card crime."

The G-Unit head honcho has yet to make a comment regarding the fraud, which the Daily News claims was likely committed by someone within access to his personal information.

50 Cent's 52-room Connecticut mansion was previously broken into back in December, when two men were caught drinking wine in his closet and roaming around his house.

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