50 Cent has been teasing his new SK initiative on Twitter for some time now, but in a video he uploaded while in Australia over Labor Day, the G-Unit boss finally reveals the details of his global movement.

In an effort to feed one billion African children, 50 announced a partnership with New York company Pure Growth Partners last month, to release the Street King Energy shot -- a fortified natural juice supplement that contains no caffeine or sugar. The proceeds from each sale will go towards providing one meal for a child in Africa.

Finally addressing the SK movement in his new video, 50 discusses the importance of fighting world hunger, charging his fans to recognize their relative privilege. "I grew up without money, but I didn't grow up hungry. It's a lot of people out there that are actually hungry, actually dying of hunger. And I feel like it's our responsibility to come together and do things to create a solution for this actual problem," 50 explains.

"What I've seen from this actual run, when I was out in Africa was unbelievable, the devastation and desperation of people who don't know when they'll receive their next meal, or if they're going to receive their next meal," he continues. "I want to feed a billion kids and I need your help to do it. I need you to utilize your energy, your voice, to provide additional motivation for me at times. My new project is called SK, Street King and y'all know the plan. I just told y'all the plan. I want to feed a billion kids."

For more information about 50 Cent's Street King initiative, click here. Too bad he didn't have the same compassion for Young Buck.

Watch 50 Cent's Street King Video #1

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