An employee of 50 Cent has been accused of assaulting a woman at the rapper's Connecticut mansion. According to reports, G-Unit employee Dwayne McKenzie asked the woman for oral sex during a party at 50's Farmington mansion on Aug. 16. McKenzie, who lives on the property, was rebuffed and an altercation ensued. The woman, a reported dancer from a music video of another man attending the party that evening, attempted to then leave the party along with a female friend.

A witness on the scene claims that another woman, Michelle Krzykowski, followed them outside and attacked them, hitting the friend with a "hard object," while McKenzie held her down. According to the police report the victim got away after using pepper spray, but was left with a large gash on her head, that called for nine staples to close. Police said 50 was not on the property at the time.

McKenzie, 28, and Krzykowski, 21, were both charged with second-degree assault and conspiracy to commit second-degree assault and breach of peace, while McKenzie was also pinned with a bonus first-degree unlawful restraint charge. This marks his third assault in as many years. McKenzie was arrested last year for choking a New Britain, Ct. woman and striking her with a belt during an argument. In 2007, he was arrested in Hartford, Ct. for allegedly pistol-whipping a promoter who failed to announce an after-party at 50's mansion.

The accusations made against McKenzie are "totally false," says his lawyer. McKenzie attests that he broke up a fight between two women and escorted them off the property.