Last week, Craig Davis, VP of Urban Promotions for Capitol Records, gave an interview stating that 50 Cent and G-Unit had signed with the label after cutting ties with Interscope Records. Turns out, that wasn't the case -- and 50's got some harsh words for the guy.

'That guy [Davis], I don't know what his name is, the guy he's an idiot, OK?," said 50 during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on G-Unit Radio this weekend. 'And there's no deal done. He's an idiot -- he's running his mouth. Out of nowhere he just comes out, you can tell he's a little drunk or some shit."

Whoo Kid followed up by asking 50 if he planned on staying with Interscope once his contract runs out. "Interscope, all the success that I've had has been with Interscope," explained the Queens native, stating that he would have to renegotiate his deal with the label before thinking about moving to another home.

50 also shared some tough words for Diddy, who recently threw subliminals at the emcee and calling him a "hating ass crab." "Puffy is like a bitch," said 50. "He always wants to be the hot bitch in the group. He wants to make sure he gets all the attention. I don't know who he was talking about, because he didn't say my name. We used to kick it and talk on the phone even after the Mase s---."

Though it is unclear whether Fif's upcoming album 'Black Magic' will drop on Interscope, he is currently in the process of recording his fifth LP. The album, said to have more of a Euro dance feel inspired by the music he heard during his overseas tours, is slated for release later this year.