50 Cent is defending his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather who is currently embattled in a domestic battery complaint. According to reports, Las Vegas authorities were looking for Mayweather as of Thursday (Sept. 9) to answer questions about a suspected attack on Josie Harris, the mother of his three children.

Taking to his Twitter page to voice his opinion, 50 stated that Mayweather's ex is merely looking for a payday. "Another case of angry baby mama wanting money. Police are looking for [Mayweather]. I just got off the phone with him," 50 tweeted on Thursday. "She's claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night if a fighter of floyd caliber hits u, u would b bruised."

"I talked to him before and after the situation he wasnt even upset," 50 added. "He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin." Although he has yet to release a personal statement on the matter, Mayweather's attorney Richard Wright revealed that his client will cooperate with the requirements of the law. Harris claims that the boxer assaulted her while visiting his children Wednesday (September 9). In 2005 Harris made similar claims against Mayweather.

50 and Mayweather have become fast friends in recent years, and previously shared a mutual dislike for rapper Rick Ross.