50 Cent has never been shy when it comes to expressing his sexuality in his lyrics and music videos. So it should come as no surprise that the rapper has been very vocal about one of the entertainment industry's modern-day sex symbols, Lindsay Lohan, and her much talked-about nude spread in Playboy magazine.

While some of the images leaked onto the internet early, the G-Unit head honcho has been waiting for the men's magazine to hit the stands to get a glance at LiLo's goods. The troubled actress took it all off for the highly publicized photo shoot, which pays homage to 1950's sex icon Marilyn Monroe.

'The Big Ten' creator didn't hold back his excitement while talking to HollyScoop about the photos. "I always wondered what Lindsay's c---- looked like. Ever thought about it? I'll check it out and see what happens," 50 admitted.

Fif then went on to compare L.L. to a stripper and discuss the social implications of her latest gig. "$1 million to pose nude is the same thing strippers do almost every day for way less. If they give you $1 million, does that change the status of what you've done?" he asked.

He continued, "If I pay $100 to see a c----, is it the same thing as paying a $1 million when you're a movie star or celebrity? The same transaction? Or is it socially different? Does it register different because of how much?"

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