There are no star-crossed lovers in 50 Cent and Chris Brown's latest song, "No Romeo No Juliet."

While the original tale tells of tragic love and betrayal, these two artists head to a strip club and urge listeners to "quit Captain Savin" and "serenadin' them hoes" cause "she no Juliet for no Romeo with no dough." Nothing personal, it's just business.

With several scantily-clad pole dancers and twerkers in the background, Fifty lays down a few rhymes. "Quit f----- around, not playin' around bitch, s--- is for real / Quick makin' a stack, back makin' some mill, I mean, get us a deal," he raps. Chris Brown does his "Chris Brown thing" and adlibs some singing (or yelling.) But then, he switches up and heads into a rap of his own -- and it's not bad.

"P.I.M.P, who the shotta them / I'm the girl dem sugar, watch them follow him / Had the homies come through, 400, that be the block / Take yo s---, we going up on the Instagram / Higher than a ceiling fan, I'm whippin' bricks in the kitchen / I'm flying shit out the window like I was Peter Pan / I handle my own s---, I own s--- / Alone s---, middle finger to the middle man," he raps.

The two dropped the track last month to rave reviews and now fans are getting the visuals. This is the second single the two appeared on after 50 Cent's "I'm The Man" off of The Kanan Tape from last year. Check out their latest work above.


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