You're certainly not a diehard 50 Cent fan if you didn't know he was shot nine times in 2000. Fortunately for the Queens native, he lived to continue on with his rap career after the harrowing ordeal. Now he releases a track, "9 Shots," that touches on the pain surrounding the number nine.

The track is a "metaphor for nine painful moments," according to Fif, who performed a preview of "9 Shots" for an audience in New York City on Wednesday (Aug. 12).

He chronicles his mother Sabrina Jackson's death, the affect it had on him and how it led to him becoming a drug dealer. "Now I’m on my own, mommy gone," rhymes Fif. "I am what I am, Sabrina’s only baby / Practicing in the mirror, pulling out my .380."

The Power executive producer also raps about his ex-girlfriend, whom he calls a "pain in the ass."

One of the most detailed lines is an all too real reason of why kids fall into drug dealing: "The dope bought the s--- the food stamps couldn’t get us." But, even after the stress from rent and neighborhood beefs, 50 Cent's mom still reminded him that the "Lord gon' bless us."

"9 Shots" is set to appear on the rapper's forthcoming album, Street King Immortal.

Listen to 50 Cent's "9 Shots"

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