With The Fate of the Furious movie coming out in a little over two weeks, more and more songs from the soundtrack are starting to surface. If you've already seen the tracklist for the album, then you know it couldn't be any more star-studded.

The latest cut to hit the Internet is "Gang Up," with 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa and PnB Rock, who sings a catchy hook that's perfect for the radio or club.

"I'm with the gang, gang, gang and we 'bout to go up / Switching lanes, it's a thang, every time we show up / You a lame, lame, lame and you so below us / Bet your h-, she know us / 'Cause you know we blowed up," he croons.

Then 2 Chainz comes in and delivers some incredibly slick word play, and if you've noticed, he's been absolutely killing his features ever since dropping that memorable verse on Chance The Rapper's "No Problem."

"I'm a villainous winner with precision, I'm killing / We resent the religion, ended up independent / Took my car to the clinic, let 'em check all the vitals / Middle finger to rivals / Michael Jackson my idol," he spits on the new cut.

You can listen to "Gang Up" below. The Fate of the Furious will be in theaters on April 14.

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