Drake was accused of last week of having producer Detail beatdown back in 2014. According to Detail's claims, Drizzy had his bodyguards beat him up after he refused to produce exclusively for the rapper. The two worked together once back in 2013 on Drake’s Nothing Was the Same album. According to court papers obtained by TMZ, Detail says he declined exclusive work for the rapper back in 2014. And that led to things getting physical.

But it seems so out of character? That doesn't seem like the guy who rocks turtlenecks, kicks it with Jiminy Glick and practiced improv in high school. Or...have we not been paying attention to the real Drizzy over the years? D

Drake ain't no punk. Here are 10 moments Drake showed you he was tougher than your favorite.

  • He's devoted to his hometown team.

    This may not seem that tough, but the Toronto Raptors haven't been cool since Vince Carter flew south back in the early 2000s. Nonetheless, Drizzy reps for his boys hard. Especially significant when you consider how many rappers come outta Atlanta but you can't think of one that's as connected to the Hawks as Drizzy is to the Raps. Loyalty is erything, fam.

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  • "Know some Somalis that say 'we got it wallahi, Get us donuts and coffee, we'll wait for him in the lobby'"

    On "Draft Day," Drake went at Jay Z, threw Chance the Rapper under the bus and let it be known that he has a thing for Jennifer Lawrence. "“I do it for the hits, not the misses / that’s for the married folk” is a pretty funny line if you're going at Mr. Beyonce aka Hov; and we still love “If I left this shit to Chance / I would have picked a name like Chance the Rapper."

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  • Poppin' bottles--over Chris Brown's head

    Chris Brown has thrown punches with more superstars than a heavyweight contender, but the one time he came away with more than he bargained for was in that infamous bottle-throwing brawl in New York City back in 2012. They eventually settled things, but the fallout lingered for months. Even Tony Parker caught friendly fire. That's how it go with Drizzy--anybody can get it.

  • The rise of "Bearded Drake"

    Facial hair is a tricky thing. And when you're a rapper who has a certain kind of appeal, growing a beard could throw things off. Can anybody imagine LL or Nelly suddenly sprouting facial hair at the height of their fame? Prolly not. So Bearded Drake coulda been an absolute fail. But he managed to overtake Cuddly Drake and Goofy Drake in visibility. Just gotta stop overselling it with the toothpick, Aubrey. We get it. You're tough. We believe you.

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  • The "Hotline Bling" Dance

    In a genre where machismo is the highest currency, there ain't much tougher than allowing yourself to be as goofy as you wanna be. In the process, Drake created one of the most meme-able moments in inna-net history.

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  • "Back To Back"

    Drake needed a high-profile beef to counter all of the cuddly Drizzy jokes his rep had taken for years. Enter Meek Mill and the Beef of 2015; in which bearded Drake asserted his dominance and the Philly rapper came away the worst for it. Granted, "Back To Back" wasn't exactly the classic some hyped it to be--but it didn't to be that. It just needed to handle Meek. Mission accomplished.

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  • "Hold On We're Going Home" Video

    Drake has always been a study in contradictions. Well--kinda. At least, he was definitely that with the "Hold On We're Going Home" video--where we went full crimelord in a video for a song that was among his softer, synth-poppy hits. Odd time to indulge that Scarface fantasy, Drizzy--but, well done.

  • That Dada outfit

    You know how tough you gotta be to rock Dada Supreme in 2013? With those Wicked Witch of the West socks? Even as a joke? Tough as nails. Tough. As. NAILS.

  • Drake murdered Common

    Look, it's obvious that Common is just some GAP-wearing, thoughtful nice-guy rap dude in bowtie to a generation of fans, but this guy once went at Ice Cube and won--so he has a history. But Drizzy did what O'Shea couldn't on "Stay Schemin"--come away from a beef with the last word (that matters.) "It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads..."

  • He ALLEGEDLY ordered a beatdown?

    Look--violence is bad. OK? We said it--violence is bad. But the idea that Drake sent his goon to allegedly handle producer Detail--and the beatdown came complete with shouts of "You think Drake's a punk!" sounds like some Lucius Lyon type s---. Again--we hope this is just talk...but if it ain't, that's some kingpin stuff.

    Maybe you should fear Drizzy. Maybe he ain't no punk.

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