Drake has done hundreds of interviews but this one was a bit bizarre and funny at the same time. On Tuesday (June 7), Drizzy appeared on NBC’s new variety show Maya & Marty for an interview with Martin Short’s character, Jiminy Glick, the host of Celebrity Sensations.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Glick, he's an eccentric interviewer who doesn't mind humiliating celebrities with his offbeat questions. His interview with Ice Cube is a prime example of his weird Q&A style.

For his interview with Drake, Glick questioned the OVO Sound leader's street cred. "You’re a Canadian, former child star,” he said. “So literally we’re talking about zero street cred. Zero. Zero street red."

Then things get really awkward when Glick asks Drake a circumcision question. He then offers him a donut and then pretends to bathed like a cat. After that, the celebrity interviewer asks Drake to join him in a steam bath and reveals that he's heavily endowed. "I'm packing!" he exclaims.

The 29-year-old rapper takes it in all in stride although he looks very uncomfortable throughout the interview.

Of course, this is all played up for laughs but this is certainly a bizarre interview.

Watch it above.

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