If there's anyone who knows how to bundle up, it's some of our favorite rappers. Whether it's pink and fluffy or that natural color, many hip-hop artists resort to rocking an oversized fur coat to stay warm and cozy during the winter months.

Ghostface Killah and Fat Joe proudly wear them in their music videos while Big Boi and Snoop Dogg have been known to own not just one but at least three of these furry fashion pieces. They may want to block out the cold but when it comes to the red carpet, they're trying to make a stylish statement. However, some of these pieces could land them at the top of a Worst Dressed list. Check out 10 Rappers in Ridiculous Fur Coats.

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    Big Boi

    Big Boi clearly has swagger, but this fluffy fur number (plus the fact he wore shades indoors) he put on for MTV's 'Total Request Live' in 2005, makes us think he might be having an off day in the style department. Clearly the coat overpowers him so much that even his medallion can't save the outfit.

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
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    50 Cent

    Recently 50 Cent has been walking the red carpet in some stylish threads. However, let's go back to 2003, when the rapper performed at 'Spankin' New Music Week' for MTV's 'Total Request Live.' He preferred jeans, a T-shirt and this fur varsity-esque jacket over the streamlined suits that he now wears at public appearances. Although he may have put those fashion moments behind him, this image will always live on (at least in this post).

    Scott Gries, Getty Images
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    Rick Ross

    Rick Ross' style is simple. At the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, the Miami rap kingpin went for jeans, a Louis Vuitton belt and a crisp white, long fur coat with a few accessories to pull the look together. The one thing he forgot: a shirt. The Maybach Music Group leader let his belly hang out in full view. With the plush fur draped around his shoulders and his protruding stomach, he looked like a hip-hop version of jolly ol' St. Nick.

    Rick Diamond, Getty Images
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    Snoop Dogg

    Since the 2004 Spike TV Video Game Awards were held in December, it must have been frigid in Santa Monica, Calif., on that night considering Snoop Dogg just had to wear this three-toned fur coat. We guess he didn't want to catch a cold. The furry piece, complete with a hood, looks like it has several inner pockets to keep all of his smoking necessities in an easily accessible (yet hidden) place.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
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    Nicki Minaj

    When Nicki Minaj performed at the 40th American Music Awards in 2012, the rapper wanted to play on the winter wonderland theme by wearing an all-white outfit complete with a fur jacket cinched at the waist. Iced in diamonds, the snow princess looks regal and a bit over the top in this ensemble. She topped the look off with her signature pink hair.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
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    Busta Rhymes

    Busta Rhymes usually opts for a comfy and casual look (he's come a long way from the colorful hat and coat combos he wore in videos like 'Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check.') However, when he attended Bodog.com's party at the Rainbow Room in 2006, he wanted to dress things up a bit with this two-tone collared fur coat. Unfortunately, the addition of the black beanie just makes this outfit more tacky than fashion forward.

    Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images
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    Cam'ron has been known to wear candy-colored fur in public. Remember his infamous pink mink? While this get-up doesn't surprise us, we're just a little disappointed he didn't experiment with more color. How about a camouflage-inspired fur next time, Cam?

    Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images
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    Lil' Kim

    Lil' Kim had to have all eyes on her when she stepped out in this floor-length, tiered gray-and-black hooded fur coat. Worn to the Lugz/Funkmaster Flex FMF-1 Driving Shoe launch in 2003, the Brooklyn, N.Y., native might have the license to wear whatever she wants in the Big Apple, but it doesn't mean she has to knock off a colony of rabbits for it.

    Matthew Peyton, Getty Images
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    Ever since he decided to wear a fur coat in the video for 'Thrift Shop,' they seem to be a staple in Macklemore's closet. So when he stepped onstage at this year's Bonnaroo festival wearing a long white number, we knew he was definitely a big fan of sporting warm and fuzzy pieces.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
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    Diddy has never been shy about showing off his luxurious lifestyle. That's why it's not too surprising to see him in not only a fur coat but also pouring champagne like it's water. Now if this isn't excessive and ridiculous, we're not sure what is.

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