Yung Berg may have been liberated of one of his glittery jewelry pieces, again. A U.K. artist by the name of Rowdy-T has taken to the Internets to boast about allegedly taking Berg's audacious Batman chain.

In a YouTube video -- which, in this case, serves as a new age press release, as well as incriminating evidence -- Rowdy-T taunts Yung Berg while going on about how North London blokes aren't to be taken lightly. T shouts out real MCs like D-Block and Gucci Mane, and manages to ask, "What the f--- is a Yung Berg?" Brandishing the chain he supposedly relieved Yung Berg of, Rowdy also makes sure to announce the best way to reach him for an interview is via his managers. The two-minute diatribe is followed by his song 'Gangsta Music."

There is no word from Yung Berg regarding Rowdy-T's claims. But considering the Chicago rapper's extensive list of altercations, the odds are high that it really is his chain.