In the land of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,' it seems all ratchet things must come to an end. This includes the Monistat-throwing cat fights and utter pleas of desperation for love -- in all forms. But before the West Coast-based cast bids farewell to life in front of the cameras this season, all 11 members had to give fans something to think about when they're gone. And that all started with Yung Berg signing on to host a showcase for Teairra Mari to give her career and her reputation one final shot.

After admitting he's putting his name on the line for his new homie, Berg decides to hold a showcase to give Teairra's music career a boost. This is her way to show Hollywood and the rest her fan base that her career didn't just peak and dissipate at 16. Plus, he wants to the world to understand why people call him the Hitmaka -- even though he's the only one that seems to call himself that on the show. His only words to Teairra are this: "Don't f--- up!"

Before her big night, Tea Tea has a sit-down with the only person in her corner, Berg. Somehow the conversation about her show turns into a passionate conversation about her feelings for Ray J. So Berg asks the obvious question. "Do you want me to tell him about the showcase?" Quick to say, "No!" Teairra clearly wants the man who has her heart to show up.

Since it's the season finale, everyone had to show face for the former Roc-a-Fella singer's comeback performance -- for a second time. Even Sincere decides to grace the "embarrassment" with his presence. With so much riding on this showcase -- like whether or not Teairra Mari will still have a singing career -- she reassures viewers and showcase attendees alike that dammit, she's got something say. "My voice is stronger; I have more stories to tell; and more emotions to share."

As the 27-year-old songstress (Happy birthday, Teairra) takes the stage, she sees Ray J in the crowd and thinks, "What the hell is he doing here?" Against Teairra's request, Berg clearly invited Ray J to the show. But really, viewers can simply thank Mona Scott-Young and her elite team of writers for Ray's miraculous appearance.

Before he shows up in the crowd, he sneaks into Tea's dressing room and leaves a present to apologize for all his wrongdoing, which is something that was pointed out by his cousin, Snoop Dogg, after word got out about the Princess and the pool incident. "We want wives, but we chasin' video girls," Snoop tells Ray. "We gotta search for what we want. What's your situation with Teairra like? When you think about it, she's the one that was really, really down for you."

Ultimately, after all the hoopla, Ray J gets down on one knee to ask for his girl's forgiveness. He also asks if they can start over so they can build their friendship back up.

While the most physical and emotional couple finally decides to work out their differences, Fizz makes his way back to the studio to cut a new single and work on getting his priorities back in order. Moniece is going to be around whether he wants her to be or not, so he might as well try to get along with her instead of finding new ways to fight with her.

Omarion points out he has yet to release an album since he signed to Maybach. But now that his son is here, he's ready to get back to it. And it looks like his work has paid off because his new LP, 'Sex Playlist,' hits stores and digital checkouts today.

Hazel-E reaches out to Miss Nikki Baby in hopes that she'll be interested in becoming her new BFF since everyone else has left her hanging. It's sad how desperate and delusional this show makes her out to be. But let the former publicist tell it, and she's the one winning at the end of the day.

Masika is on her grind and is done dealing with Hazel and her drama: "Berg gave me his heart, his hit and now I'm giving you the finger."

Lastly, Nia and Soulja Boy opt to get each other's names tattooed on their bodies to symbolize the height of their rocky relationship.

Nikki says she's done chasing these men and focused on putting herself first. We'll see about that one.

What's next? Who knows. But the reunion show will be quite telling. Stay tuned.

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