For those who didn't think 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' would measure up to its reality predecessors, they sure to took a new stance last night (Nov. 17) as the drama just continued to unravel.

To kick things off, Nia Riley decides to meet up with Ray J's now ex-assistant, Morgan, because she needs someone to talk to while Soulja Boy is on tour in Brazil. Nia finds out she's pregnant -- this time with the rapper's baby -- but for some reason she's in complete denial. Teddy Riley's reality star daughter tells Morgan, "I think I'm pregnant," even though her pregnancy test came out positive. But with Soulja Boy as the father, there are probably a few people who might go into complete denial. Frustrated with the situation, Nia shakes her head saying, "Why is this happening again?" Well, the simple answer is because you didn't use a condom, Nia, but hey, maybe this is more complicated.

Nia chooses not to tell her man about their bun in the oven while he's on the road, but motivation to keep quiet has more to do with the fact that she doesn't think the two need a baby between them right now. But it's reality TV, so of course Nia quickly second guesses her decision. She now wants to let him know about the baby instead of waiting. Unfortunately for her, Soulja -- or Dre as she calls him -- is more concerned with hitting the stage than hearing what she has to say so she's forced to wait. But before Nia has the chance to spring the news on her beau, she finds herself rushing to the doctor only to find out she's had a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, as Nia is struggling to accept the loss of a child she's not sure she was ready for, Masika Kalysha is across town with Yung Berg going through real life issues like cutting a track in the studio to piss off Hazel E. After laying down her Auto-Tune vocals, Berg asks Masika to step off the mic so he can ask her to be his date to his all-white birthday extravaganza. Of course, the video vixen-turned-singer agrees to go and turn up just to anger former "friend" Hazel because of the way she stepped to Masika and Teairra Mari during Masika's Ace of Diamonds billboard launch party.

As the black sheep of the group, Hazel shows up to Berg's birthday bash in all-black everything just say "F--- you." But her plan backfires because "her man" isn't phased by the theme-crashing attire. Hazel E spends the night side-eyeing her "ex" man and "ex" friend and laughing the night away in one corner and Teairra aka "the fraudest of them all" chills in another.

The only thing she has to say to everyone except Ray J -- because that "may be the only homie [she] has left" -- is "all these ex friends of mine better get the f--- away from me and better stand 100 feet back 'cause I'm not having it tonight." But if that's the case, then why in the world did you show up to the party, Hazel? Sometimes these reality stars are a bit special.

Hazel breaks down to Ray J trying to explain her anger, but the self-proclaimed King of L.A. uses her situation to make things about himself by telling one of the former publicist to just let bygones be bygones. He's s going to do the same by apologizing to Teairra. But before she can work on being the bigger person, Masika and Berg take the stage to cut the b-day boy's birthday cake. To keep the party going, Mally Mall's old jump-off uses this event to introduce Hazel's old record her new record to the room. She's telling everybody to turn up, but everyone's really just standing there like, "WTF is going on right now?"

Ray knows the record they're listening to was once Hazel's, so he tells his "homie" she "better boss up." To show out, Hazel starts rapping her verses over the track Masika sings on in an attempt to embarrass her but it doesn't work. Instead, she just looks crazy. The next thing party-goers know, Hollywood's most hated is going at it with Berg, Masika and Sincere. But after all the drama, Hazel finally has the ultimate revelation: Berg doesn't want her.

To make sure she's not about to lose it, Ray J walks over to check on Hazel and in the process asks Teairra to step outside for a quick chat. He begins to apologize, but Teairra doesn't buy it because she knows he and Princess are having problems. Thus, she thinks the apology is only happening because things aren't happy at home. Like any woman, Tea is rightfully questioning his motives.

To end the night, Berg tells Masika he wants take things to the next level. And well, fans already know how that goes.

Stay tuned until next week.

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