A video of "young and sexy" Chicago rapper Yung Berg getting punched while standing in front of a retail store in Los Angeles has just surfaced. The clip, which is difficult to make out, shows the rapper and over a dozen others engaged in a melee on the street, during which time Berg is punched several times.

Berg has confirmed the video's veracity, but dismisses it as some "fraud s---" that happened well over two years ago. "I seen a lot of s--- in my life right. But that footage you saw earlier is some of the most wretched, swine, f---in' whore footage I ever seen in my f----in' life. How dare you fraud a-- n----s put that out there, I knew it was coming personally because it was only 2.5 years ago."

He explained that the altercation occurred between his previous and current management while he was shopping in 2006. "They was my manager, but I ended up firing them," Berg said. "I was in LA in 2006 right before the BET Awards, I was out doing a lil bit of shopping...the guys ended up hearing that I was up in Labrea, right there at the shoe store, so they ran up. My new manager kinda got feisty with 'em and they started fighting, and of course they wanted to get a lil cheap shot on camera."

In an interview with a California radio station, Berg made sure to state that that regardless of the video, he held no ill will towards his former manager, however. "I know this person, I spent years of my life with this person. He helped me get my career off the ground but like, at the end of the day, it is what it is. But it's really some BS."

Berg also claimed that the altercation would not happen in the same manner again. "If you feel like you know me for this petty a-- s--- that you be seeing on the blog sites and the internet, you know me for making hit motherf---in' records and that's all I got to say. That s--- will never, ever happen again," said Berg, who was slapped in the face by Brooklyn rapper Maino, earlier in the year.

To his credit, Yung Berg seemed ultimately unconcerned about the footage, instead plugging his new release, 'The Love Project' with Rob Holladay, which features Diddy on the first single.

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