Yuna, the Malaysian-bred indie soul singer who dropped her critically-acclaimed self-titled debut LP on The Fader label last year -- and who we've covered extensively on our sister site Spinner -- is back with a new project.

Sixth Street, an EP due out on Verve Records, will hit stores digitally on May 7th.

"Sixth Street is probably a new chapter for me," she explained in a press release. "All of the songs were written in my apartment where I'm most comfortable, and at that point I understood who I was and knew what I was feeling about life."

To that end we've got the first single from the EP, "I Wanna Go." It's produced by Mike Einziger of Incubus fame (Ed note: rap fans, Google them), and she's been performing the cut in concert for some time.

"He's on in a million, I don't know when I'll be seeing him again/ He wants to live in a city, moved out there when he was just 17, just 17/ No I'm not prepared, my heart's beating really fast, really fast/ But I wanna go there, but I wanna go there, let's walk a little further/ you know I wanna be here...." she sings over a driving bass groove and airy pads. Then the guitars join the arrangement. There's even a great electric piano solo in the bridge.

Give "I Wanna Go" a listen. It's really enjoyable.

Also, to celebrate the EP's release, Yuna is hosting a release show of sorts. Here's the thing -- it's a virtual show, being livestreamed via Stageit. It's not free, though. Buy a ticket for $10 here. What does that get you? Access to the livestream, where Yuna will be performing new cuts from the EP as well as other songs from her catalog. Should be cool. And we can think of plenty of worse things you'll probably blow $10 on. So it's a good deal.

Listen to Yuna "I Wanna Go"

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