A day after 300 Entertainment Lyor Cohen declared “we’re gonna bury Slime Season 3,” we finally realized what he meant by his statement. On Friday (March 18), Young Thug announced the project at SXSW in Austin, Texas, in a very unusual way.

To promote the release of SS3, Thugger had a funeral procession with pallbearers carrying a casket down 6th street in Austin along with a marching band. The coffin was covered in red graffiti scribblings that revealed the album’s title and the release date - March 25.

Why a funeral procession? We have no clue. It’s certainly a macabre way to promote a mixtape. Even video director Be EL Be, who has worked with Thug on numerous projects, wasn’t thrilled about the publicity stunt.

Of course, Young Thug got clowned relentlessly on Twitter for it. "Young Thug used the casket announcement so they can bury him after SS3 fails miserably," wrote one person, while another follower commented, "Young thug is one of a kind. Having a casket to announce ss3 is very iconic."

Slime Season 3 is the follow-up to his previous mixtape, Slime Season 2. Originally, SS3 was scheduled to drop on Feb. 5. However, the Atlanta rhymer delivered the song "I'm Up" to hold fans over.

Check out Young Thug's funeral procession at SXSW below and tell us what you think of his publicity stunt in the comments.

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