Young Thug and his label head have differing views on how Thugger should handle his career and music.

The hip-hop star and Lyor Cohen, the 300 Entertainment head, got into a tense exchange over Thug's reluctance to do interviews and his approach to crafting music. Young Thug has adopted the flood-the-market-with-material approach, and Cohen believes that both factors--interviews and impatience--are hindering the rapper.

On Wednesday (April 13) night's episode of CNBC's Follow the Leader, the two got into a back-and-forth about these issues.

“I understand that you’re shy and you don’t like doing it, but the fact of the matter is, your fans actually want to hear from you," Lyor says to Young Thug as the two meet about Thug's latest project, Slime Season 3.

"I don't need to," Thugger shoots back. He then announces that he wants 10 number one singles this year.

"If you don't freestyle and you actually work on the singles and record great choruses and develop your songs, yes." Cohen says. "You just record so many songs and leave them like little orphans out there. You have to come back to them."

"Hell nah," says Young Thug. "The critics come back to them."

Of course, disagreements between artists and their labels are nothing new or unique. But does Cohen have a point about Thugger needing to take his time and craft better singles?

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