Young Dolph is feeling invincible and he’s showing just how tough he is on his upcoming mixtape, Bulletproof. The Memphis rapper addresses the shooting in Charlotte, N.C., on the project’s first single, “This How I Feel” featuring Gucci Mane.

To bring you up to speed, Dolph’s SUV was sprayed with 100 bullets near an apartment complex in Charlotte, N.C., last month. Thankfully, the vehicle was bulletproof and no other injuries were reported. Dolph was reportedly in the car when it was getting shot up and he walked away from it unscathed.

On “That’s How I Feel,” Dolph addresses the person or persons who put a hit out on him.

“For 100 shots, I heard you paid 100 stacks,” he spits. “Hope you got your receipt, go and get your hundred back / For that new coupe, I paid 400 flat / Smashed your baby mama, then I sent her back.”

He continues: “Sittin’ in the truck, smokin’ on a blunt / Then I realized, I think I hear somebody shootin’ / You think I’m goin’ out like ‘Pac and Biggie, you must be stupid.”

The song is from his upcoming mixtape, Bulletproof, which is set to arrive on April 1 (no April Fools). The 10-song collection features titles that are clearly inspired by the Charlotte shooting. Songs like “100 Shots,” “But I’m Bulletproof,” “I’m So Real,” “I Pray for My Enemies” and “SMH” are direct responses to the shooters who tried to pump him full of lead.

You can peep the track list below as well as Young Dolph’s bullet-riddled trailer for his new mixtape.

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