Young Dolph is no stranger when it comes to [unwanted] chaos. Between his ongoing battle with Yo Gotti and his fight for the official "King of Memphis" title, Dolph and controversy are almost synonymous these days. And once again, the southern MC finds himself at the center of a media frenzy after hundreds of fans broke into a fight Saturday night (Apr. 2) during a Montgomery, AL show.

While Dolph was performing on stage, someone was seen being thrown over a table and a woman in a leopard print onesie followed with a bottle in-hand. Many concertgoers seemed eager to see what was happening, while others appear to get out of the way. As fans worked to steer clear of the escalating fight, security intervened and the music was ultimately shut off. No injuries have been reported, but in Young Dolph's eyes it seems like things were all good. There was no mention of the show after his "Montgomery, AL tonight!!" tweet, and just a few hours later the rapper found himself back on Twitter promoting another live show!

Young Dolph continues on the road with six remaining shows, wrapping his tour in Detroit, MI on May 14.

Check out Dolph's Alabama show footage above, and fast-forward to the 34-second mark for all the action!