Contrary to reports, YG didn’t forfeit his $60,000 contract because he performed “FDT” at San Diego State University after the school requested him not to do so.

As we previously reported, the Bompton rhymer was reportedly asked not to perform his anti-Trump song “F--- Donald Trump” and that if he did, he would lose his $60,000 performance fee. Well, YG performed the song anyway, much to the chagrin of college officials.

However, Raven Tyson, a rep for Associated Students of SDSU told SPIN that YG was informally asked not to perform "FDT," but his performance of the song did not constitute a breach of contract.

“During booking discussions with Live Nation, the student Greenfest committee that selected the artist and planned the GreenFest concert requested that YG not perform his song, ‘FDT,'” he told SPIN by email. “The student Greenfest Committee was advised that an artist can be asked, but that there is a possibility that the artist will still play the song.”

“On the night of the concert, YG indicated that he wanted to play the song ‘FDT’ even though he had been asked not to by Associated Students,” he continued. “Associated Students indicated that payment would not be withheld if he played the song. YG was paid his full $60,000 fee for performing at Greenfest.”

So, in the end, it was no harm, no foul.

But we are still disappointed in SDSU’s attempt to censor an artist - particularly one who is known for his hardcore gangsta lyrics - because you are a supporter of President Donald Trump. Usually, a college campus is a place where free speech and expression can go unfettered in certain cases.

Nevertheless, the students who attended the event didn’t seemed to mind and enjoyed YG’s performance. Reps for YG had no comment on the matter.

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