YG was pulled over by police in Burbank, Calif. last week and refused to get out of his car because he feared for his safety, said TMZ.

According to the celebrity site, the Still Brazy rapper was riding in his Mercedes-Maybach when officers stopped him because his windows had too much tint, and once he was asked for his license and registration, he wouldn't give it up. YG also told police to their face that he didn't trust them.

From there, some more officers arrived, and the Cali spitter got out of his car a bit afterwards. In the end, he was cited for the dark tinted windows and having no license plate or identification.

Meanwhile, YG is slated to join artists like Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper at this year's Day N Night Festival, which is from Sept 8-10. And besides dropping two new songs, he was named in our 50 Greatest West Coast Hip-Hop Artists of All Time-lists.

So far, YG hasn't commented on the recent stop, and no footage has been released.

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