The East and West Coasts comes together with the South in Part 2 of the 2015 XXL Freshmen cypher. Washington, D.C. native GoldLink; Long Beach, Calif. rhymer Vince Staples and Atlanta's own OG Maco throw lyrical darts over the Don Cannon-produced beat.

If you weren't familiar with GoldLink before, he'll leave a lasting impression due to his delivery alone. The "Sober Thoughts" creator proves lays down solid bars even shares his sexual exploits. "N----s eat the pot pie n---- we were starvin' / Dreamin' 'bout fancy bitch up in a fancy garden / Ralph Lauren, hope that I can meet Garvin / Rock a n---- if he talkin' crazy maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe I can treat you right / Damn sure I can eat you right," the 22-year-old MC rhymes.

While it's expected for MCs to typically come into a cypher spitting off the top, OG Maco reminds viewers he's staying true to the game: "Gave 'em hell now I'm on XXL / And I ain't write nothin' for this cypher 'cause that's dope I could sell / All this from a phone and a scale / Sendin' places with that trap and that scale / Check in the mail."

Vince Staples chooses to go for a more serious lyrical conversation by touching on a friend's death. One thing to take away from his cypher moment: the 21-year-old has a lot on his mind. "Few hoes I been known on back pages / Sellin' they mother nature, I ain't no preacher n---- / I'm just a viewer on the streets you was afraid to visit / Live yo' life through my lyrics now watch me paint this picture / Jibari blood on my easel / My homie died due to negligence of the police man / You can't tell me no different," the Summertime '06 creator serves.

Watch this rap trio go to work above.

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