You know your Monday is off to a good start when you can watch a hip-hop cypher and be satisfied with the content. Now that you've seen the individual freestyles of all 10 rappers featured on the XXL Freshman Class cover, it's cypher time.

First up, we have Kidd Kidd, K Camp, Tink and Raury. With DJ Drama on the turntables, all four artists go to work spitting over a beat provided by V12 the Hitman. G-Unit's own Kidd Kidd kicks things off with lines centered on getting stuck in the trap and his rags to riches come-up. "Roaches crawlin' on me in my sleep, shake 'em out the sheets / The toilet never worked and the faucet always leaked / Ain't nothin' in here to eat," he delivers.

ATL representative K Camp, rocking a black skully and red bubble coat, takes a laid-back approach to his rhymes while dropping slick insults. "Sit back and watch the kid like a Blu-Ray / Been making hits n----, Bobby Boucher / I been working, I ain't called my bitch in 'bout two days / I can make your bitch go more than two ways / You better update your roster like you playin' 2K," K Camp raps.

From the moment Tink opens her mouth, she means business: "I normally wouldn't do this on a regular day / But since the time is of the essence I'ma grace you with my presence / From the city where they sleep you like some Nyquil shut / Where them n----s give you wings quicker than Red Bull, boy." While her words are the focal point, it's hard not to appreciate Tink's royal blue bomber jacket.

Last but definitely not least due to skills is Raury. The singer, who can hold his own in the cypher, impresses with lyrics that include a George Bush diss and refraining from working like a slave for a "man that is fat and Caucasian." Not every rapper can switch up their flow mid-verse and still remain steadfast.

Watch these four very different artists make the cypher complete above.

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