Another day, another ignorant comment drenched in self-hate. Yes, folks. Colorism is still a big thing in 2017. This time, the comments came from Kodak Black, who made it a point to share that he prefers "light-skinned" women in a recent podcast, after saying that he "doesn't really like black girls."

Keke Palmer, she straight,”the 20-year-old rapper said. “I’d bag her, but I don’t really like black girls like that, sorta kinda.”

Of course, the backlash was swift and furious. So much so, that the 20 year-old Florida rapper felt the need to respond to the comments on his Instagram. He clarified that he does like black women— but only if they're light-skinned.

“One thing about me, dog, you ain’t just gonna be dissing me. You ain’t gonna be dissing me under my comments or none of that sh-t. Cause b----, I’m gonna clap back,” said Kodak. “Hoes, n-----s, whatever. I’m gonna knock your whole melon off. Don’t even comment on my sh-t with that f---- s---," he wrote. "You talking about black women. B----, f---- ya! I only like redbones. I love black African-Americans. But I don’t like black b---es. I like yellow hoes.”

Good grief. Seriously. See why it's so necessary to celebrate #blackgirlmagic and show outward appreciation for #melanin? The internalized self-hate is real, y'all. Kodak Black caught it again for his problematic stance about the beauty of blackness and has since deleted his Instagram account.

Of course, Kodak Black isn't the only one who's made asinine comments questioning the beauty of dark-skinned black women. Young Berg and A$AP Rocky  and Gilbert Arenas are among those who have said cornball things about dark women, proving that we sadly need a mass re-education when it comes to the beauty of being black.

Anyway, take a look at Kodak's comments above and below.


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